Despite what’s being presented on the news stations, the number one health attacker in U.S. society remains…stress.

Here’s how this state’s been operating for a long time here, creating conditions for more severe illnesses. Stress is a subjective state, meaning not everyone stresses over the same experiences or in the exact same way. Some people may enjoy a particular challenge and work harder to see it through, while others may fold and choose to quit from it.

But when it manifests, the response is scientific: cortisol released, raised adrenaline, depressed immunity, lowered intelligence.

In proper doses cortisol is meant to help us survive a life-threatening experience. The response is instinctive; we protect, fight, defend, escape or do what is needed for the immediate moment. Miraculous cases of people having temp super strength to lift objects, withstand strikes, etc.

When it’s in overdrive, we get the harmful results. Under constant stress, the immune-depressed person is more susceptible to infections of all kinds.

This is why any cultivation teacher worth their rank will guide you on how to calm the hell down, center yourself through mindful practices so you gradually learn to alchemize emotional rollercoasters; it’s good for well-being but also an important prerequisite to learning advanced techniques.

Character strength before temptation towards spiritual gambling.

Giving people high-level spiritual technology that can have impact in the world to someone who can’t keep their emotional fluctuations in check is like handing a loaded gun to a child.

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