Along our spiritual path (growth path, personal development, call it what you wish) there are decision branches that sprout in many directions. These tend to be created based on our choices and sometimes they appear to be present not for our highest good. Maliciously intending to throw us off our paths. Rather than seeing this metaphorically, it will serve us to recognize that along our individual journeys there are consciousness traps, just like there can be traps set when we’re entering a space we’re not familiar with.

In some cases, there are other influences that attempt to redirect our energies (more on that to come). In others, we’re presented with tricks to help us sharpen our spiritual senses.

Traps are set to prevent an external from entering the space. Indefinitely? Perhaps not. If an individual is discerning enough to recognize those traps, he can avoid them and eventually reach the destination. From this view, the traps aren’t created for purely ill intentions. Rather….they serve an important purpose. Consciousness traps exist to provide us with the necessary tests for our own self-evaluation. We learn to exercise skills and talents in the face of these tests; the only way we transcend them is to apply those abilities. If we can recognize and avoid a trap, we qualify to move on to the next stage; in this case, that next stage is an elevation in spiritual power. Once we see the trap for what it is, we’re no longer subject to its influence.

Here I’ve offered a set of 10 consciousness traps to transcend. There are many more I will expose over time. Click the booklet to begin reading below. Share your thoughts with me:

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