A Little Thank You (Letter) Can Go A Long Way

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Sometimes a little thank you can go a long way.

Appreciation is one of the inner gifts experienced when someone shows they value you. In some way, you’re acknowledged as a human being and it’s a rewarding feeling to know that, of the 7 billion people on the planet, there is at least one person who appreciates.

You put this same experience to work when you deliver a thank you note after your interviews. You should think of this as an art and a habit to acquire; it goes beyond job interviews and is essential for all of your first-time professional meetings. Connect with your colleague, share ideas and develop an action plan. Upon leaving, you give a note a of appreciation for the opportunity to build something big. On paper. Handwritten. Signed by you. Sealed by you. Specifically addressed to her. More often than not, you’ll hear something along the lines of…

“Thank you! No one’s ever given me this before!”

That’s right. When you hear “no one’s ever…” you’ve established yourself not as a manipulator, but someone who values originality and professionalism from start to finish. Leave a lasting impression on your contact with this simple tool. Unsure how to begin? Allow me to guide you through the steps to build your art of the thank you.

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