Feeling abundant is the opposite of feeling lack.

To be spiritually abundant is to…

– Feel full on the inside, which enables you to understand the difference between what you really need and just want

– See the world as full of opportunities even hidden within those darker elements that humanity can create

– Realize your creative power is located in your mind, and since your mind is unlimited in its potential, it can create unlimited ideas for success

– Lose the feeling of scarcity, that you don’t have enough [resources, money, opportunities, relationships] because scarcity is a false mental state.

– Embrace the fact that the material world is built from the spiritual/mental world, that everything we see made and used throughout the day is a result of someone’s imagination.

– Never be afraid to share your talent out of fear someone will “steal” it; you share with who will elevate from it; no one can steal your talent because it comes from your unique mind, which is unlimited.

– Recognize others who are also spiritually abundant or seekers to desire to be, and to assist them without fear of losing what you share, because your mind is unlimited.

– Acknowledge the entire economics of scarcity and dog-eat-dog is a falsehood, because nature is in abundance and we are a part of nature, so therefore we are supposed to live in wealth and abundance according to the principles. Focus on the vision and not on the lack. Example: if I share my talent which is similar to yours, I do not take customers from you and you do not take customers from me, because we provide that talent in a unique way. So our target market is not the same and we can both prosper because there is no ceiling to success. If I do not reach the level of my talent expectations, it’s because I am not applying my talent in the best way to the right market.

To not be spiritually abundant is to…

– Believe that material gain will complete you rather than serve as a reflection of your spiritual development.

– Live from a position of fear.

– Believe the universe is out to get you, that it created you of all beings in the cosmos to pick on as a cosmic joke.

– Harbor the darker emotions [greed, envy, hate] and project them out into the world.

– Have a constant sense that you lack something despite how much material gain or fame you achieve.

– See your worth to the world as less than you really are.

We know these principles intuitively and often have these truths glazed over by what’s shown in the media. You understand it and yet the opposite continues telling you otherwise. It’s time to pay attention to what your inner compass is guiding you towards.

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