Inspiration has a different texture from novelty. Something new doesn’t necessarily evoke inspiration. We can also be inspired by that which isn’t new. When it hits, we have direct verification of how important it is for flourishing.

What is inspiration exactly?

Inspiration derives from spirit [In = inner + spira = spirit]. It’s an experience that sparks from within rather than given to us externally.

Something in the world we behold may stimulate this spirit, this awe. So can a thought.

Often it arrives with a deep breath, hence the “spiration” like “respiration.”

A gasp representing the famous “Aha.” 

Inspiration’s nemesis is demotivation

As a vital wave, when the inspiration shows up, we suddenly know what to do, what to think, how to proceed. It’s part of our inner compass. When we’re inspired, we have more energy. Amplified zeal. This state can exist as part of one’s daily living rather than merely a spontaneous flash. 

Some ways to regain inspiration if lost:

  1. Return to something that used to inspire you.
  2. Wear garments that stimulate your mood. What we wear influences our state.
  3. Find your answer to, “What’s my raison d’etre?” —> Your purpose for existing.
  4. Practice a craft you love.
  5. Examine your nutrition. Low-vibe intake generates low-vibe chemistry.
  6. Incorporate exercise. Fitness generates high-vibe chemistry.
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