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How to Awaken Your Shamanic Power

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Google “shaman” and you will see a range of images: people wearing animal skins, drums, people wearing what seems like war paint, bones, smoke and sage, people wearing elaborate garments or sometimes nothing at all. To the uninitiated eye, these pictures might seem spooky, out of this world. Practices to …

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20 Signs Your Vibration is Rising

In Learning & Mindset by Trent Rhodes7 Comments

You feel it, that penetrating, nagging pull from within that’s telling you to pay attention. You know it. Something is different and that something changed your way of seeing the world and yourself. You now recognize the distinction between the self and the Self. You sense it. From all of …

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A Dose of Heart-Intelligence

In Learning & Mindset, Research, The Divine Masculine by Trent Rhodes2 Comments

Our current society’s view will provide a picture of how successful we’ve become intellectually. Our diverse cultures developed awesome philosophy, science and technology libraries. Over short time periods we attain some new height in digital manifestation. There is no questioning the human’s capacity for intellect. But intellect alone only manifests …

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Perspective on Stress Management

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Stress management is about the business of just handling one’s state when stress emerges; it exists on the premise that stress is an objective experience that affects everyone the same way. But we can demonstrate this is false by placing two people under the same would-be stressful experience. Stress Affecting …