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When Affirmations Don’t Work

In Education, Learning & Mindset by Trent Rhodes1 Comment

Affirmations are popular in success literature for good reason: if applied properly they can alter personality, increase strengths, eliminate fear, list goes on. They’re capable of creating not just temporary feel-good sensations but lasting internal change.  The problem I see in the personal development industry is an advocate saturation for …

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“Free” Education Resources for Pandemic Downtime

In Career Readiness, Character Education, Education, Learning & Mindset, News, Research by Trent RhodesLeave a Comment

Don’t be fooled by the title; nothing in the world is truly free. Energetically, there’s always an exchange. In the case of these resources, the trade will be your attention, focus, your intelligence and commitment to utilize what’s provided. The current pandemic is slowing the economy down and keeping people …

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The Law of Focus

In Learning & Mindset by Trent Rhodes3 Comments

If you’ve had the smallest experience in working with energy, you’ve come to realize that we can do what we do with that energy because it abides by certain principles. Like our ability to harness electricity by using wires and copper and bulbs, and those positive and negative signs when …