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5 Common Self-Limiting Programs to Conquer

In Learning & Mindset by Trent Rhodes2 Comments

“I wish I could do that.” “That’s impossible for me.” “I can’t be that good.” “If only I had xyz…” “I was never good at xyz.” These mind programs operate at the subconscious level, enabling them to spread their influence throughout daily life. Much more impact-ful than the spectacular feats …

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This is Why Simple is Profound

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We’ve heard it plenty of times: we’re information overloaded. Access seems to be everywhere (in the U.S.) and the more technology we choose to accept into our daily lives, the more often we’re turned on and the less quiet (introspective) we become. Is it a poison or a potion? Like …

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When It No Longer Serves You, It’s Time to Move On

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While clarifying the primary purpose of SAGE, it was important to dissect the raw components of learning into a practical, immediately applicable art so learners could receive a direct understanding and benefit. Realization: We are the student, teacher and world classroom. Within our very being is the university to self-educate …

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SAGE Mind Now Available on Amazon

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Proud to announce that SAGE Mind is now available on Amazon. The work reads as a manifesto would, compiling my collection of ideas based around my invention and method, SAGE Art of Learning. Back cover summary: “As our world rapidly evolves, access to information, technological, scientific and medical advances continue …