A Short Story

Rosa expected this to be a normal day, not an intuition lesson. It was Friday and she felt spent working hard all week. Nothing like a waitress position to give all the exercise she needs, running food back and forth to tables, writing down customer orders, returning their orders when they say they don’t like them. Who really takes a bite out of a sandwich, says they don’t like it and asks for the SAME sandwich, but requesting a different person make it? Really?

As committed as she was to having this girls’ night out after work, she couldn’t get over the irritation felt just above her abdomen. Did she eat some bad food?

Keeping up smiles with her tribe as they called for a taxi, she couldn’t ignore how the feeling traveled from her midsection to her belly, and then lower. It was like an itch she couldn’t scratch directly on the skin.

Laughing at her friend’s silly comment, made even more anxious about her reference to the guy-crush she met last week, Rosa just couldn’t shake this feeling that turned into a kneading up and down her stomach. Now, it felt like someone grabbed her belly and made a fist, twisting the skin. Her friends noticed. She shrugged it off and entered the next taxi last. Finally giving in, she acknowledged her speeding heart and spoke. “Sorry, I can’t go. Stop the taxi. Have to get home.”

“Everything okay? What’s up?” One friend asked.

Rose forced a smile. “I’m good. Just feel like I should check on something at home.”

“Just call. Somebody’s home right?”

“No everyone’s out. No one knew I was going out tonight.” Rosa gestured for the driver to stop again. He parked. “Sorry girls. I just don’t feel right. I’ll come out next week.”

Rosa hugged her friends and abruptly took her fastest route to the house. She rushed inside, her anxiety slightly waning, mostly from accepting that she was now in the house where she could do something, if something was needed. Checking all the rooms, she noticed nothing wrong. Except, it was too quiet.

“Banks!” She called to the dog. “Banks!” Usually the Scottish terrier would rush to the door when someone entered. Not a sound or sight.

“Banks!” She called again, and then saw why he didn’t answer. He was dead on the floor. Or seemed dead.

Rosa’s heart raced and the anxiety left, as if the nervous energy transported locations. Reaching down to touch the dog’s belly and feeling faint breathing, she called her mother, the words shooting out on autopilot. She now understood why she had that feeling and why it’s now gone.


What Is Intuition?

It’s possible we’ve all experienced instances when we just felt like something wasn’t right or offbeat, or should be different. When we feel it, the common response is to shrug it off and allow our more analytical state to take over, to rationalize the situation. When we do this we battle what’s called the intuition. Defined as “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning,” intuition broken down means inner (the “in”) and teaching (“tuition”) or lesson.

Fun Fact: “Tuition” also means the cost of a learning program, but some foreign nations actually use the word “tuition” when talking about school classes. You can pay tuition or receive tuition.

So an intuition is literally an inner teaching we live with daily. It’s the feeling we receive that does not require an analysis or external confirmation. No one has to tell us our intuitive hit; the process comes from within and can be enhanced from without. People can tell us we’re wrong about a decision and yet the sensing continues.

The tuition is capable of operating under our radar (in the subconscious) and when we arrive at some level of connection with this aspect of our mental state (the conscious merging with the subconscious) we gain the sense that some information is touching us and that we need to pay attention.

If we have an inner teaching, that means we have an inner teacher. Who is that inner teacher, and where does the knowledge come from that teaches us?

There are many ways to describe this “teacher” and for every tradition that recognizes the stars, the heavens, planets and spiritual origins, there is an acknowledgement that there is a Creator or All that’s designed our operations. We only need look at the organization from how our eye works to how the bee knows where and when to travel to pollinate, how penguins adopt their bonded-for-life mating practice and how some male birds build little homes and put them on display for the female potential partner to evaluate and choose. No matter what we call this Infinite Intelligence, our daily experiences inform us that this intelligence is also installed within us.

In Esoteric Speak: Our power to harness energy and cause transformation is part of our constitution, built within the DNA and it’s set up for our use if we know how to cultivate it.

How Do We Experience Intuition?

Intuition can take many forms that tug at our attention. Some of us feel slight tingling sensations on the body, some receive it from the top chakras downward, arriving in the form of the sensory powers: sentience, voyance, cognizance, audience, etc.

Some of us receive more severe experiences like in the case of Rosa’s dog story. The commonality among these channels appears to be that intuition remains until we listen to it, and if we choose to ignore it we experience the karmic effects. Over time we learn that opposing this intuitive information creates more barriers for our manifestations. By not listening to our inner knowledge, we create continuous negative experiences the Buddhist traditions call the wheel of suffering, or samsara.

With awareness and practice, we can learn to access intuition in a way that it consistently feeds us with truths rather than the momentary glimpses when something drastic happens, or the famous “Aha” moment decides to touch us in the shower. Intuitive knowledge can become our default perception state.

Intuition: Bodily Realm

The Pendulum

Like many of the alchemical tools given an ignorant reputation, the pendulum is often associated with “woo woo” mystery. This valuable item is actually rooted within radionics science, defined as “a healing technique in which our natural intuitive faculties are used both to discover the energetic disturbances underlying illness and to encourage the return of a normal energetic field that supports health” (2017). By harnessing the body’s ability to recognize truth, the pendulum user is able to discern information by its directional movement.

At the basic level, there are directions for positive, negative and neutral. A classical way of recognizing the yes, no or neutral is to ask it, “Tell me my yes,” and observe the direction it takes. Do the same for your “no” and “neutral,” and you can use these directions for whatever you intend to work it with.

The technique I’ve learned from Dr. Linda Lancaster of the Light Harmonic Institute is to go by the energy emissions from the fingers that are already preset in our biology. So I hold the pendulum with the thumb (neutral energy), the index finger (negative / magnetic energy) and middle finger (positive / electric energy) and observe the direction it spins: clockwise for positive energy, counter clockwise for negative energy and still or front-to-back for neutral energy.

Another Fun Fact: the circuitry in our fingers is used in all of the mudras / hand positions we apply when meditating or taking consciousness poses. The various hand seals activate these energies that influence the nervous system and cause effects.

Whichever methods you choose, it is important to do so with awareness that the pendulum itself is not giving the knowledge; it is the channel that our physicality uses to translate the intuition so that we may understand it.

Muscle Testing

Muscle testing is also another well-known technique for discerning intuitive truth in the body. According to this practice, our inner self already knows the truth, even if we verbally lie about it, and the truth reflects in our bodies. Muscle testing demonstrates when we tell a lie, our bodies weaken slightly, and when we tell a truth, our bodies strengthen.

Testing can take various forms but the most common is the arm measure. A person is asked to hold the arm straight out, doesn’t matter which. Light pressure is applied as someone asks the target a Yes or No question. If the person tells a truth, the arm strengthens and cannot be pushed down. If the person tells a lie, the arm weakens and is able to be easily pushed down. Studies have also been conducted where the body strengthened or weakened without the person being asked these questions, having a packet of sugar in their pockets for example. This and other experiments can be found in Dr. David Hawkins’ book, “Power vs. Force.”


In connection with muscle testing, the body is holistically sensing the environment around us at all times. Our awareness level determines how deep we can recognize this. Interoception is the term for our bodily intuitive power, the capacity to perceive sensations inside of the body. This is raw information sensing and capable of telling us when something is either good or bad for us. Think of interoception as our bodies being holistic pendulums, detecting yes’s and no’s all of the time.

In Rosa’s story, her interoception started in her gut and traveled throughout the body, attempting to signal to her conscious awareness to pay attention. Like the five well-known senses, interoception is considered an additional sense in the scientific literature.

Enteric Nervous System

If you’ve heard of the brain in the gut, the enteric nervous system is literally this. We do have a mini-brain in the stomach space; our guts are ripe with abundant neurons, the same cells operating in our brain. Through the nervous system, our brain and gut space relate to each other, and this is partly why emotional states like nervousness or anxiety or disgust feelings affect our stomach, making us feel nauseous.

Intuition: Metaphysical Realm

With a firm understanding of how intuition operates in us on a physical level, we can advance with comprehending its metaphysical manifestations. This realm is the more common inner-teaching perception and it reflects several foundations:

  1. Intuition may manifest in the body but is beyond the body.
  2. Intuitive understanding supersedes analytical, step-by-step thinking.
  3. Intuition needs analytical-imaginative brain integration to exist as a normal perception mode.
  4. Intuition can be blocked by relying solely on analytical, step-by-step and negative thinking.
  5. The more information “noise” we eliminate, the clearer intuition can flow through us.

3RD Eye and Crown Chakras

The ajna or third-eye chakra is considered the seat of intuition, and an energy vortex in connection with the pineal gland, the baby cone for millennia spoken of as the gateway portal. When the ajna is active, we readily receive holistic understanding that can help us take to leaps and bounds in personal evolution.

The crown chakra, or sahasrara, opens us to what we tend to call the cosmic consciousness, or the all-creation wisdom. It enables us to receive universal understanding.

Daily Application

So we have this amazing power sitting literally in our bodies and metaphysically in our souls. How can we gain better appreciation of this wonderful gift and apply it in daily living? Wouldn’t it be a great benefit to make more accurate decisions and produce more synchronicity each day?

Reduce Inner & Outer Noise. This means thinking about what tends to distract you and removing it from your environment.

Check your social media: are you following, liking or connected to accounts that post only junk information?

Check your mailing subscriptions: are you subscribed to too many newsletters, bombarded with information from sellers wanting to offer you numerous products and services?

Check your inboxes: are your email addresses overloaded with unchecked messages? I’ve personally seen accounts with 60,000+ new messages.

Are you consciously watching TV? If you’re watching a show or movie, skip the commercials rather than allowing them to play towards your attention mindlessly. Make an intention to watch your content for specific reasons. Don’t watch blindly.

Generally, any kind of “noise” acts like the white noise we see on a television screen. It creates static that blocks our ability to accurately receive the intuition generated.

Embrace Silence. Give yourself up to 10 minutes per day of being in silence. No phone, no computer surfing, no reading, no chatting. Take a walk instead or sit near your window. Rest in a chair. Wherever you choose, ensure you have this consistent silent time. Quiet does the opposite of the white noise; you create an experience of unfiltered mental space, receptive, activating the yin-feminine principle. What you may notice in a short time is how many ideas come to you in this silence. They’ve been screaming to come to the surface, but you’ve been drowning them out by the external “stuff” constantly poured on top. These ideas may not all make sense or feel very useful, but just observe what comes to you.

Remove Reliance On Your Tools. These include the pendulum, oracle cards, dowsing items or any other product that assists with intuitive understanding. The reason why this is important is you don’t want to develop total dependence on these items, as they’re only extensions of the intuitive power you already possess. When you flip a card, it is the relationship between what you see and how it connects to you that manifest an insight. As your sensing abilities heighten, these tools become additional avenues for you to hone intuition. But if you cannot access the power without them, you’ve given your power to the tools.

Body Sensing. Become more in touch with how your body responds to experiences. When I decided I no longer wanted to drink soda back in high school, for example, when near it I felt a sensation I can only describe as being a message, “No. Don’t drink it.” When I have to make a decision involving multiple options, something within tends to indicate the no’s to me right away. If I’m faced with an action I truly don’t want to do and try to force it, my body reacts; it stalls, I feel the blocking, my energy stunts. Conversely, something that’s true to my spirit shows up in my body. I’m more energized, more integrated. This can take time, but applying silence and noise removal practices will help to clear the way for this deeper bodily relationship.

Use Your Power Words. Call your intuition forth by speaking to it, “I call upon my intuition and inner guidance. Teach me what I already know. I trust in me.” Set this as your morning intention and observe how you respond through the day.

Form Your Psychic Shield Against Negative People. Either in your meditation or visualization, see yourself clothed in a suit of golden light, impenetrable. See your golden suit radiate light. Use your power words verbally or in the mind, “I wear my golden light. Radiant protection. No pollution can poison me. I emit power.”

This shield is vital; some people’s comments and beliefs can influence trust in your own intuitive powers. If you’re susceptible, intuition can be buried by the strength of their intent no matter how wrong they are. With a shield in place, their thoughts will dissolve in your golden suit. As your psychic immunity increases, your golden radiance will automatically form and protect you.

Inner Teacher, Daily Teaching

We’ve covered a wide map and each of us will have unique experiences while honing intuition. Daily practice is essential. Like any skill, we strengthen it the more we consciously engage it. Remember that the source of this power is within. You are the spiritual being in possession of it. As the Hermetic Magician Thoth states, “As above, so below. As within, so without.”


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