Chakras and the Career Psyche – New Book Chapter

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From the upcoming book, Harmony in Chakras Vol. 1, created by the Chakra Collective. In this book, I write a chapter on chakras and their influence on the career psyche.

Q: Can you share a story with us on how you work or use chakras for yourself or with your clients?

A: I found the chakra system to be a natural progression from my experience working with energy, in meditation, martial arts, Qigong and yogic breathing. The term comes up quite often and so I inevitably gravitated towards learning about them.

When I meet people who think chakras or any kind of energy work is just “woo woo,” I don’t say anything unless metaphysical topics are discussed in an open-minded space. Meaning, I don’t force anyone to absorb my thoughts, nor would I voluntarily describe chakras unless I recognized the person’s consciousness was open to it. There are different ways of describing the same thing, and chakras are no different. I think it’s easier than ever to learn about how we are made of energy, all material life has an energetic origin, and that quantum physics shows us very clearly how all matter is energy at the quantum level. If one isn’t research-inclined, a simple YouTube search can provide this knowledge. So from that initial understanding, one hopefully would be open enough to recognize that saying we have ENERGY centers when we’re MADE OF energy isn’t woo woo.

Why I think chakras are important to understand is because they’re primary energy centers and we use them (or neglect them) in our daily lives at every moment. And because they correspond to particular thought patterns and actions, it makes sense to me that gaining deeper knowledge of chakras, practicing how to strengthen them would only influence my daily manifestations.

For example, the solar plexus chakra is of high importance in conscious career development. Its energy reflects personality, personal magnetism, ego-strength, self-perception and charisma. The throat chakra corresponds to communication, self-expression and speaking (or acting) one’s truth. These are the qualities that support the “people skills” so often said to be lacking in potential candidates, that they had the skills, the expertise but didn’t have the relationship-building qualities. These “people skills” are of the utmost necessity for leadership roles, where the tasks are about strategy and human relations and service. So we can see just from this example how, instead of just focusing on the raw skills, we can augment those abilities on the holistic level by tapping into the metaphysical energy that harnesses them.

Chakras are part of what make my career development process “conscious.” What distinguishes my approach from what’s out there is this element of metaphysics and how applying it transforms what can seem like a mundane experience, job searching and professional development, an experience in self-discovery. By arming oneself with metaphysics and the chakras, all that one does in career development enhances in quality. Life and the vocation both evolve, no longer feeling like separate entities in our existence.

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