In the spirit of blog creation, I recorded this audio while walking in the city. Focused on simple goal-setting philosophy, this step-by-step will help you to break down the large concept of a blog into elements that are doable, manageable, eliminate overwhelm.

What I observe when it comes to organizing ideas is that people can feel overtaken by the imagination’s vastness. Indeed it is vast, which is why the logical, left-brain’s powers are so essential. The left is the analytical, structural power that enables us to make sense of and do something with all of the unlimited the right has to offer. The intuition speaks in symbols, holistic understanding, riddles, chaos, patterns, vibrations.

In our western world we see an increasing overemphasis on the right, a downgrade to the left rather than aim for integration.

Being logical is somehow viewed as less importance; the societal result is plenty of thinking, great ideas, powerful emotions and less efficient action to manifest them into constructive creations.

You’ll need a pen and paper for this; creating a visual will assist in cultivating your mind to collapse this content for your blog list. Enjoy.


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