If you use an Internet search engine to research a topic, if you aren’t absorbing information from an organization you’re likely to do so from someone’s blog. Test it out for yourself. Search “The best way to shine shoes” and scan the first 10 links. Blogs.

“Blogging” is defined by Oxford as “a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.” This is a fraction of what a blog truly is and can be. For professional and personal purposes, a blog is a vehicle that can transmit a perspective online. It can solve problems. And it’s easy to set up.

Professionals in this day would be savvy to have their own blog rather than solely post on others. As soon as you click the “live” or “publish” button on your blog, you’re then an official blogger. Another term for that is “writer.”

In the past, a blog might’ve seemed like just a hobbyist’s interest to create content for topics that have no other value than to the creator. The more this expanded, the more blogs were created based on unique niches that transformed the Internet into a comprehensive web of personal and organizational creators, to the level where blogs have become default information sources. This doesn’t guarantee blog quality of course, but we can observe that nearly every webpage in a given search is someone’s blog. Blogs wouldn’t receive hundreds, tens of thousands of visitors if the “hobbies” weren’t also of interest to others.

A professional can use a blog as a tool to coordinate content that showcases experience, skills and understanding of a particular industry. For the purposes of this topic, I’ll use mine as an example.

The Crown is grounded on my personal experience in career development, spiritual science and the fusion of the two for daily living. So the posts have a learning towards these topics, with a range left in between involving health, mindset and the art of learning. I have  5+ years in the career development space and more in education, so my topics have these leanings. Instead of keeping all of the jewels gained from these experiences in my mind, I give some of them manifestation through these posts. I write books based on the experience and offer services to aspirants. This blog is where I deliver the most frequent content on my perspectives. For some visitors, these posts solve problems or provide insight (inner sight, spark intuition). The more content I provide, the more potential “problems” I can solve for people I’ll never meet in-person.

In my daily affairs, I refer to The Crown as a substantial, credible resource because that’s the energy I’ve infused it with. Posts can be shared across all of the social media platforms. I can quote myself, restyle content and design a linked web that creates more value. For professionals this is indispensable, because we live in a time where information can easily be tampered with. Fake News is simple to conceive by employing the same technology used to create an authentic blog. So if we’re not creating our own content house to share what we declare as truthful information about ourselves and views, that leaves us open for other mediums to do it. With a blog, we can do our own fact-checking and become a journalist.

A Blog is a Platform. Professionals can set this up as a house for presence online to share with others about their experience, skills and aspirations. As a platform it creates opportunity for diverse content forms like video and audio.

A Blog is a Journal. It can act as an encapsulation of ideas or thoughts. Those visible posts are the pieces that visitors will join and take the mental travel into your way of thinking.

A Blog is a Problem Solver. By covering how you arrived at a solution on the blog, you indirectly offer understanding to a reader who happens upon your post. Perhaps they were searching for a solution to the same problem and discovered it through you.

A Blog is a Form of Expression. All that we create is an external summary of our inner consciousness state. We make at the level we vibrate on energetically, so expect your blog to transform just as you do.

A Blog is a Portfolio

For professionals, this portfolio can be linked on the resume, added to LinkedIn, job applications, business cards and other channels for communicating value.

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