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Ban Vs. Educate?

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Ban Vs. Educate? Which is optimal? A ban aims to prevent a behavior. When the behavior is violated, a punitive is given. Punishment. The punishment is to serve as a justice for the behavior violation; it’s labeled a crime. The justice process, going through the punishment is to assist the …

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Four Ways to Improve Your Negotiation Skills

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***This is a Contributor Post*** Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash Negotiation can be a challenging skill to master. Whether you use it in your professional or personal life, the art of negotiation isn’t something that comes naturally to many, so most people find they have to work on improving their …

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Proof of Mastered Experience

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An experience is an interface between our outer (external peering, ex-peer-ience) and inner perception. While we can take a passive approach to experiencing, letting life happen as some say, aspirants work to co-create with experiences, seeing them as opportunities to develop. We’ve mastered experiences when we’re no longer at the …

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Reputation Management for Career Growth

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Strategic planning is at the core of career reputation management. Preparation. Positioning. Thinking not just of how circumstances are now but how they can be in the future. How a professional intends to direct that future. This connects quite conveniently to the knowledge of time in metaphysics, which proposes that …