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SAGE Mind Now Available on Amazon

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Proud to announce that SAGE Mind is now available on Amazon. The work reads as a manifesto would, compiling my collection of ideas based around my invention and method, SAGE Art of Learning. Back cover summary: “As our world rapidly evolves, access to information, technological, scientific and medical advances continue …

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Beware: The Guru Effect

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Warning: If you’re offended by alternative viewpoints and take challenges to your paradigm personally, you’re highly encouraged to read this. It’s going to light your fire. Despite the filtered horrors we see in the media each day (you do realize they’re real events but filtered through a tiny channel, almost …

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Is Your Teacher Boring?

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So you have a class coming up and you dread it. Of all the subjects on your list for the day, this one drains energy from you and you haven’t even stepped one foot into the room. But you say it’s more than just the subject. Actually…you love the subject …

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Professional Development with a Blue Ocean Mindset

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“When everything goes right, go left.” – Unknown  “Watch what everyone does – do the opposite. The majority is always wrong.” – Earl Nightingale There are beliefs out there that we take as complete truth just because people continue to use them like: Opportunity only knocks once. No it doesn’t. …

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3 Ways to Prep for An Online Course

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Congratulations. You’ve taken the leap into online education. Don’t worry; even though online classes have been available for years it still remains challenging for people. And to some, it’s still “alternative” type of schooling. This is the 21st Century, where more people are walking around with Internet-connected devices in their …