Just a few:

1. This mini-computer in my hand has potential to reach a billion people on the planet.

2. I can reach a billion people with this mini-computer sitting crossed-legged on the floor while sounding off my singing bowl. Or while drinking tea.

3. With just a word processor, pen and paper, my creativity and a website I can offer knowledge to anyone on the Internet.

4. With this mini-computer I can connect with people all over the world. That means knowledge and experience exchange from all over the world.

5. The mini-computer provides access to information instantly. This means I can synthesize information faster. It also means I can take my time with the info since I’ve spent less time finding it.

6. Every bit of content I add to the Internet is digital real estate. The more content I create, the more “properties” I add to the landscape. When people search for my type of property, they’ll find my offerings.

7. I can work simultaneous projects with this mini-computer in my hand: learn to code, make a presentation, record an audio, work on a manuscript, finish a course.

8. The mini-computer becomes an externalized version of the user’s inner world. Only need to examine the content saved on it.

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