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3 Reasons to Take Meeting Minutes

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Unless you’re working in a well-developed organization, you may not come across meeting minutes. “Meeting minutes” are literally the minutes (or moments) recorded from a meeting. When there are many members in the meeting, it’s likely there will be plenty of information, recommendations, cross-talk, possible disputes, ideas, all sorts of …

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3 Questions to Ask Employers on Interviews

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An interview is an opportunity for the candidate and employer to evaluate each other and confirm if value matches the role offered. Mentioned in one of my previous writings, this engagement is a reciprocal relationship and should be treated as such. When the candidate forgets this, she becomes susceptible to …

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Cover Letter Philosophy

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You might be thinking: a philosophy about a cover letter? What’s the importance of that? It’s important to understand there’s a philosophy to each document or activity involved in career development. These philosophies deal with the “Why” of them. So while one might know how to write a cover letter …