When you think of praying, what comes to mind? An image of a nun or priest, dressed in black. Are they kneeling in church at a pew? Hands folded, supplicating in front of an extravagantly detailed cross? Zoom in on their faces. Are they happy, smiling, or scowling, focused, pensive? Are they crying?

Depending on religious background, the prayer “look” may appear different. Tibetan monks may chant mantras as they count the cycles on the 108-bead mala, and Muslims may pray on a mat as they recite the Al-Fatiha, and work with their 33-bead rosary called the tasbih.

Whatever the tradition, prayer holds the same intention: establish a connection with that infinite creator force, that intelligence responsible for the divine design of all things, that most high nature at the source of all that we experience. Prayer is a technology that connects us to the divine within.

But I challenge you to examine your definition of prayer or the type you tend to see.

We often think of prayer as an opportunity to ask for forgiveness, for protection, for some type of assistance. The common theme is to ask for something.

The asking automatically says to our subconscious spirit that we lack it, and require something else to give it to us. This places us in direct alignment not with the thing we want, but in alignment with the lack vibration. Operating from this energy, we radiate a magnetism that instructs our reality to morph and fulfill our deep intentions. Part of that is the lack emotion; we are empty of something and require it. This feeling will then be reinforced in our experiences. When we don’t receive what we asked for, we then become bitter and persuaded to blame the force we prayed to for not receiving it.

What I propose is using prayer in the way indigenous ancestors did, by operating from gratitude and not lack.

How to Strengthen Prayer’s Power

  1. Create your sacred space. It doesn’t have to look like a shrine, but the space you choose, even if it’s temporary would be clean and removed from as many visible distractions as possible. If you are in a physical space that’s distracting, you can you use imagination’s power to astral-travel to that sacred space. Much easier to build your environment there.
  • Set your intention. What do you intend to do here? Remind yourself that you are entering a moment of prayer and that this time is special. No one else is to join you here, as the relationship you establish with that grand intelligence is between you and it. Commit in your heart and mind that this is the focus.
  • What gesture symbolizes your prayer? Some lock hands together, others apply mudra hand seals, others rest hands on their laps. Some utilize the shaman’s repetitive drumbeats. The choice is yours, but choose one. What you will create is called an anchor, which is a link between a mental state and gesture. If you only use this special gesture when you pray, you strengthen its talisman effects over time.
  • Create your word-formulas. This is your incantation. You may pre-make your incantation by writing or typing it and reading it aloud during your prayer, or you may improvise and allow the stream of consciousness to take over, speaking your word-formulas as they come to you. Ensure you have something similar to the words, “Thank you for what I have, who I am in this moment” in the beginning and at the end. You may change these as necessary but make sure you get that message across. The reason is you don’t want to ask for anything in your prayer. You will thank the creator force for what you’ve been endowed with and will receive.

Example: If your intent is to have more confidence, you can say something like, “Thank you for strengthening my confidence in this moment. With you, I feel my confidence raised.”

If it’s to have a delicious ice cream Sunday on Sunday, you’d say, “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to receive that delicious ice cream Sunday on Sunday. I am open to receive the chance that it can happen. I envision myself eating it in this moment.”

The key to this type of prayer is to already acknowledge you possess that which you desire. Develop your connection to the intelligence, have a conversation with it and then thank it for what it’s given you and will give you.

This technology will reverse the program in your psyche that says you have to attain something in order to be something. For example, that you will be happy and joyful when you have better friends. This programs your spirit to accept you are currently unhappy and the only solution is friends.

The true technology is to vibrate happiness and joy first, and then better friends will match your energies and show up.

This will also remove the tendency of praying just when something goes wrong. We can pray when we’re happy, excited or when the mood just comes over us to commune. This kind of prayer is not a safety net, and our ancestors proved this by making prayer to nature all day, every day.

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