White Paper: The Career Development Psyche

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A professional’s emotional state is instrumental in each step taken towards career growth.

What’s an emotion? The word is broken down into E (for energy) and Motion (for movement). So an emotion is an energy movement, an electric current that physically rushes through the body.

Depending on the emotional current, it can fasten our heartbeats, make us sweat, gray our hair or create relaxation. From subtle engagements involving Email communication to walking across the room to introduce oneself, to being introduced to unfamiliar resources, emotional states generate from the thoughts held at that time.

Emotions & Thought Influence the Career Path

Those thoughts act as programs producing states and consequently how we respond to situations. So the name of the game here is not emotional management, but mastery, because mastery takes us to the level of awareness and governance over emotional reactions rather than being reactionary when felt.

In my recent white paper titled, “The Career Development Psyche,” I illustrate the relationship among emotions, psycho-spiritual energy and career growth. Click here or the image below to read.

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