7 Ways to Organize Your Mind & Environment for Focused Learning

I appreciate you taking this step to listen to the Total Immersion Course. This free content is designed to help set your mind and environment in a way that learning whatever you choose becomes a fruitful journey.

All learning requires some discomfort; you're experiencing something for the first time. Whether it's a new sport, training technique, school subject or a way of communicating, the newness of the learning will challenge you to have courage. Growth is on the other side of uncertainty.

Over 1 hour in length, I hope this short course gives you the mental frame to approach your next level with confidence.


Introduction to Total Immersion

Thought Time

How often do you have quiet time? That elusive Me-Time? This session highlights why we need to take some time out for ourselves, in silence, away from tech and people to cultivate creativity.

Social Media

This session encourages you to think about how you currently use your social media feeds and how to maximize the information you're exposed to. Take control of the walls or they'll control you.

What do you see?

This one challenges you to become aware of what you see each day. Influence is everywhere and even when we're not paying attention, our consciousness is affected.

Words & People

The power of words and people and the words people use: they're subtle and if we ignore this influence, we can end up sabotaging our beliefs.

Formal Education

Formal learning is one of those taboo topics now; we're supposed to despise college, quit college and tell others to never go. But if you're already attending, it'd be a foolish move to waste the time, right? This session gives an overview of taking its full advantage.

The Idea Pad

One of my favorites. The simple act of carrying a small notebook will enable you to capture tens of hundreds of ideas lost in your weeks.


Combining insight from the previous sessions, here you'll go through a Future Self exercise to empower you to take the next step.

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