Bold Mastery Becomes Bold Sage

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A few weeks of strategic planning resulted in the transformation of Bold Mastery. This was a fun experiment sharing ideas. The initiative is now mature. It’s now Bold Sage, a more focused venture that will continue to cover topics on self-mastery, self-education and with the added quality of character education.  The Sage is a wise human being who embodies wisdom. That means, the person executes wisdom in actions, thought and energy vibration. Step one is learning, step two is becoming. This blog will assist your growth to become a Sage.

As is the usual for all of my posts here, content comes straight from the horse’s mouth: mine and my direct experience with these techniques and skills. I will continue to post nothing that I’ve been unable to absorb myself and deliver content that offers insight with concrete application. Like many blogs, I share this vehicle with you as a gift, to add value to your life, to open up a new dimension to your consciousness. To become greater. To realize your nature and expand your potential.

Unlike many blogs, the giver is also the example. I do not stand on a pedestal and merely write or speak to you from an ivory tower. Embodiment is such an important aspect of this path. I am [and you should strive for becoming] the collective example of the knowledge here. I need no prompts, research articles or gimmicks to make me appear to exist this way. As knowledge is embodied, it becomes a part of your DNA, your essence. You don’t need to “get in the right state of mind.” You don’t need prep time. You simply are it. Knowledge I’ve gained I absorb and, like a delicious meal, I enjoy its influence upon my senses and allow it to be digested into my core.

It is my intention that you enjoy the future content. You will see rapid enhancements, one of which being an opt-in option so that I may connect with you more regularly via E-mail. This is now more than a blog. It’s a global agenda with potential to take education out of the hands of others and put the power of learning back into your own.

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